A Better Way of MLM

Introducing: The Incomatrix Infinity Smart Contract

Dear MLM enthusiast,

within the last few years, and even centuries, many MLM projects and companies have arisen. Many of them have failed either due to a bad compensation plan, due to a lack of security (where the owners ran away with the money), or simply because they didn’t offer any value.

With Incomatrix Infinity, we target the issues of MLM’s intending to create a solution that fits the small men, who only has a couple of bucks to invest available, as much as for the big marketers who are having thousands of people who they can invite.

So, let’s get started: What is Incomatrix Infinity, How does it work and why is it a better way of MLM?

Infinity is the name of the following project. Infinity is part of the Incomatrix ecosystem which is not only a home for a big community but also the gateway for trusted and secure crypto programs.

On the technological side, Infinity is a so-called smart contract that is going to be published on the Tron Blockchain on May 08.

In case you aren’t familiar with Blockchain and smart contracts, this is a small introduction:

Smart Contracts:

A smart contract is as the name suggests, a contract that is smart. “Smarter” than a regular contract. As a regular contract consists out of a pen and paper, a smart contract is written in a programming language. This allows us to build the ecosystem for our projects in a way that everything works 100% automatically. So, if A is programmed to happen when Event E takes place, B is never going to happen if not provided.

The smart contract will then be published on the Blockchain, the Blockchain guarantees that once the smart contract is uploaded, it can not be changed or modified. The Tron Blockchain on which Infinity is going to be published is known for its speed and security.

Infinity works based on the concept of a 2x2 Matrix which lays the foundation for the uniqueness of Infinity.

In case you aren’t familiar with the concept of a 2x2 Matrix, this is a short introduction:

2x2 Matrix

In practical terms, a 2x2 Matrix works first by giving you, once you have registered, an ID number. Let’s say you are the 5th person to register, you’ll then be “ID 5” in the system.

The smart contract then ensures that other IDs are assigned to you based on their registration number. You will earn money from them. And the more people will register, the more people will earn. When you received a specific amount of income through this process, you will enter the system automatically with a new ID. That means as ID 5, you will enter the system again for example as ID 6143. This process ensures that on the one hand, you can earn over and over again, but also that at some point, everyone will be on top of the mountain at least once, as once you received that specific amount, you are making a place at the top for a later joiner and are entering the system yourself again, as the “last person”.

The concept of a 2x2 Matrix is I said not what makes Infinity unique. What makes Infinity unique is how we approached the concept of the 2x2 Matrix and how we targeted its issues.

The big problem with a 2x2 Matrixes is that they often get stuck at some point and that the later you join them, the lesser are your chances to earn.

Infinity targeted those issues with 2 completely new and unique approaches.

  1. The Infinity Pool Balance and the Infinity IDs
  2. The i-Global Distribution

Let’s get into it:

1. The Infinity Pool Balance and the Infinity IDs

The Infinity Pool Balance is something that is used to create Infinity IDs. Every person who has earned at least their registration costs contributes to the Infinity Pool Balance, as a part of their earnings will be transferred into the pool.

The pool then creates automatically new IDs, the so-called “Infinity IDs” which act like regular IDs with the only difference that those Infinity IDs aren’t owned by anyone.

As the Infinity IDs act like regular IDs, they will also make other people earn money, and therefore they keep the momentum.

The earnings of the Infinity IDs are going without exception to the community via the i-Global Pool which assures that those who haven’t earned at least their registration cost yet, will earn money daily.

2. The i-Global Distribution

The i-Global Distribution will take place every day.

It contains a pool that (as we know) will be filled with the earnings of the Infinity IDs. But additionally through something very special which is that the Owner of Infinity is giving 100% of his earnings into the Pool (as ID 1).

The Distribution will take place daily and is only for those who have not earned at least their registration costs yet.

Therefore you can imagine those two Systems as a “Robin Hood”, where money is taken from those who already earned and is transferred to those who aren’t in profit yet.

Infinity targets the 3 biggest problems modern MLMs have which are:

  1. People need to invite other people to earn
  2. The person who joins last will lose his money
  3. A Lack of Security

How did we solve them?

1. People need to invite other people to earn

In Infinity, inviting is not necessary for you to earn, it is just a bonus (I’ll get back to it later). You will either earn via the non-referral-based automatic 2x2 Matrix concept or through the i-Global distribution.

2. The person who joins last will lose his money

As we are having the i-Global distribution which happens daily, even those who have not earned their registration costs yet will be able to earn at least something (or who will even go into the profit with the distribution).

And as we are working with “recycling” which is that once you earned a specific amount of money, you will enter the system as “the last person” again, everyone will be at some point at the top.

3. A Lack of Security

As Infinity is a Smart Contract and runs on the Blockchain, there’ll be no owner who can run away with the money as it happened in all those various MLM companies.

So, in a nutshell, Infinity is a problem solver. And not only that, it is on the one hand a new gateway to benefit from the price increases of cryptocurrencies and on the other (very big) hand, it’s a solution for everyone.

Most projects failed, because the owners didn’t care about the Community.

While we in Incomatrix Infinity are committed to always provide the best for our Community.

To Your Success — Oleader

1. For the big marketers under your:

You will earn a referral commission of 10% from the progress your referrals are making in the 2x2 Matrix (the more they earn, the more you’ll).

2. You want to learn how it works in detail? Join us in one of our Zoom Meetings (Link will be sent into this Telegram Group):


3. How much is the registration fee?

It’s just 100 TRX + a maximum of 35 TRX as transaction fees for the Blockchain (Have a total of 135 TRX in your wallet).

4. How much can I earn?

You will be able to earn over 100,000 TRX within one cycle.

5. You have any other questions, or need a Team to join?

Join me and my Team on Telegram: https://t.me/investors_elite

Incomatrix Elite Leader. Direct Message me on Telegram @oleaderincomatrix to get in touch.